Wiki Sizze

🛠 Plugin installation

If you're wondering how to get started building your app using the Sizze plugin, you've come to the right place! We are glad to see you here, please read the instructions below to start your journey with Sizze!

Converting and downloading a code

Step 1: Copy the code
The very first step is installing the plugin by downloading it in Figma Community or by following the link
Select the layout you want to convert to a code by clicking on its name, then select Sizze. You will see a window with a code that can be downloaded in two ways: through the Sizze app or through the website.
Step 2: Download the code
In the first case, you need to select a project or create a new one, then click on “Export frame to sizze”. Your design will be automatically transferred to Sizze app, where you can change it, check it on different devices, or immediately download it as a zip file.
In the second case, you need to create a new snack on Copy the code from Figma and paste it instead of the sample code in the snack.
After that, you will see an error warning, which must be removed by double-clicking on the inscription "Add dependency".
Now you can see your design in the right block of the site, which you also can check on different devices, including your own device using the QR code. As you made sure that there are no errors, the layout adapts to different device models, the code works well, download it as a zip file.