Technical questions

Where can I get designs from if I'm not a designer?

Hello dear Sizziers! Today we would like to start answering technical questions that may arise throughout the development process. One of these questions is: where can I get designs from if I'm not a designer? The Sizze platform has ready-made elements for building mobile apps without design skills. They are located in the components section on the top left corner of the screen. There are many elements that are enough to create a mobile app from scratch.

Importing from Figma

If you have a prepared design in Figma, you can export them to Sizze, and then download your design code. To import your design from Figma, select a layout, copy the link and paste it by clicking the Figma logo in the Sizze app.

There are certain standards that must be observed for a correct transfer. Make sure that your layouts and constraints are configured correctly before importing them into Sizze to eliminate possible errors.

What kind of errors can occur when importing designs from Figma?

One of the possible outcomes is that fonts may not be converted in some cases. Rarely, complex svg's can break. There are no Scale-type constraints in Sizze, which may not be unloaded in our platform. Also tools like mask, gradient and blur in Figma are not supported by our platform. To work effectively with Sizze, try to take into account the conditions above.

What can I change in the imported design?

The tools in our platform are similar to those in Figma, you can change the color, size, position, shape of any element, add new or remove loaded elements.

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