Wiki Sizze

🗂 Layers

Layers section is the right place where you can control all you layers. Any Frames, Groups or Objects you add to the canvas will be visible in the Layers panel. You can determine if a Layer is a Frame, Group or a specific type of Object by the icon next to it. Sizze nests any child objects within their parent group or frame. This allows you to collapse and expand layers within a group or Frame.

Selecting layers

You can select layers in the canvas itself, or from the Layers Panel. Click on an object in the canvas to select it.
If you are working on a more complex design, you may have objects merged with other objects, which will create a group of elements. We call nested objects children, and the frames or groups in which they are nested are called parents. By double-clicking on an object or pressing the enter key, you can select one level of nesting down. Repeat this process until you have selected the correct children.

Selecting multiple layers

You can also select more than one object or layer at a time. Select an object on the canvas, then hold down the Shift key and click another object. Now you can manipulate these elements at the same time, also merge them by pressing Ctrl+G on Windows and CMD-G on Mac.
layers in the Layers Panel you can choose two or more elements by pressing a Shift key or select individual layers by clicking on the first layer to select and holding down the modifier key ⌘ (MacOS)/Ctrl (Windows)
To select all layers press + A(MacOS)/ Ctrl + A(Windows)

Deselecting layers

To clear your selection entirely click anywhere on the canvas and use the keyboard shortcut: Esc. To remove an object from a selection hold down the Shift key and click on the object again.

Layers panel

Each object on the canvas will have a corresponding layer in the layers panel. Click the Layers tab in the left sidebar to open the Layers panel. When you click on a layer in the sidebar, the selected item will be highlighted with a blue frame around it.