Wiki Sizze

📄 Pages


Instead of creating pages from scratch, you can use the ones we have prepared for you. In the upper right corner of the "Pages" section, you can see the page icon, by clicking on this icon, you will expand the drop-down list of prepared pages (Login & Registration, Catalog, Product Details, News Feed, Article, Booking, Subscription and more). The selected page will automatically appear in the Loader panel.
Copy the link to the layout in Figma and paste it by clicking on the Figma icon at the top. Once the Figma design is loaded, all pages will be available in the Figma Export section in the left pane of the Sizze interface.
What can you change in the imported design? The tools in our platform are similar to those in Figma, you can change the color, size, position, shape of any element, add new or remove loaded elements.